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Book 1 – The Asian Chinese Cookbook PDF          US$15.00
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The printed version of The Oriental Cookbook ISBN:981-04-7529-2      US$25.00

These three cookbooks will teach you step-by-step the different dishes and increase your culinary skill.  You will learn various popular Asian cuisines, snacks and food from Thailand, Indonesia, North India, Philippine and Singapore.

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Listen to my video and it will tell you how to print out the PDF cookbook: the recipe page must face the photo page on copy paper 70 gm and get 2 plastic cover with a spine from the stationery shop.  Compile into a useful book for your kitchen use or you can just double click on the PDF and see the recipes from the computer.

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Hope you will like cooking my recipes and enjoy the cooked food with your family and friends

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The Asian flavours and cooking techniques are illustrated in step-by-step method and shown with colour photographs to ensure fantastic results every time you cook in the comfort of your home.